Links of Friends

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
Blue Heel Society
This organization is dedicated to all people living with, caring for, or interested in diabetes. The Blue Heel Society was formed on November 13th, the eve of World Diabetes Day, 2011 by a dedicated trio of spirited advocates who committed themselves to promoting awareness, pursuing the continued fight for a cure, highlighting obstacles people diagnosed with diabetes are faced with, and promoting advocacy for the diabetic community as a whole. The Blue Heel Society accomplishes this NOT by raising funds, but by fueling our crusade with the strength, dedication, and passion of our partners. Our Mission: Advocacy - Awareness - Encouragement - Support The mission of The Blue Heel Society is to deliver a clear, united voice via organized assembly within our own affiliation, and also at local and national gatherings, events, conventions, and other venues, helping to dispel myths, offer education and to champion the needs of people affected by diabetes. We choose to stand up, be seen, and be heard in our Blue Heels.
Made you look-By Lex

A fabulous site that showcases many of the make up works that Alexys has done over the years and why she is destined for greatness!

Stello Photography

Brianna Stello...Local Charleston Photography artist and friend of myself and Damien Project Film Works

UK Veterans Charity

An amazing website of love and dedication from my beautiful friend and picture model for DPFW Amanda Wood Woolley

Airborne Angels

...and Amanda's personal website of love and honour

Ross Crean

Vocalist who has collaborated with us on "The Falling of Leaves" and "Jamais Encore"

Sharon Hodgson (Artist)

A wonderful artist and friend of Damien Project Film Work who so graciously allows her art to be used on our pages!

Debra Whyte
Sally Cooper
Millie Lewis (Avant Garde Model)