Christopher M. Damien

Christopher Damien/ C. Mark Skipper - CEO/Writer

  Music is more than just sounds. It is feelings from the heart. It is reality brought to life, by beautiful words and music that can become a part of you. It can haunt you and make all your dreams come true. It is a cry in the dark to touch your soul.
      You will see this on this site often. In life, people and things and ways of life come and go and changes occur when we least expect it; Music has not been that. Since the age of 15, music has been the one constant in my life and it always will be. I could sit here and tell you the stories and the accolades and the gigs and the projects and make myself sound fabulous. But why? Instead you and I know it is about the music and the feelings you get when you listen to music. It's about the emotions that music can bring out in you and the way it affects your life. In music you find love as well as heartbreak. You live in memories from your past and in what you dream of for the future. Music is a love that, I personally, will never feel as strongly as anything else about. When you listen to the music of DPFW and the wonderful artist I get to work with, you will feel life, love, and passion. At least that's what I hope you do. After all, if a musician truly writes what they feel, then you are hearing their soul and learning who they really are.